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At Jack West CNC Inc., we take immense pride in being the leading CNC machining company in Chula Vista and the San Diego County area. With more than two decades of experience in precision manufacturing and a dedication to delivering top-notch quality, we’re your one-stop solution for all your CNC machining needs.

Some Of Our Specialties

Car Solid Green


Jet Fighter Solid Green


Bolt Lightning Solid Green

Power Generation

Gauge High Solid Green


Bus Solid Green


Computer Solid Green

Computer Electronics

Ship Solid Green


Puzzle Piece Solid Green


Stethoscope Solid Green


About Us

Since 1998, Jack West CNC Inc. has been a family-owned precision machine shop serving Southern California’s aerospace, power generation, naval, and automotive industries. We make your CNC parts from start to finish, and we specialize in custom precision work holding and production machining of exotic alloys and multifaceted parts for power generation and aerospace.

We can manufacture various components due to our experience with fixtures and work holding, all while emphasizing rapid turnaround and using customized fixturing to reduce loads, which increase productivity and reliability.

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CNC Machining:
Precision and Perfection Redefined

When it comes to precision and perfection, nothing beats CNC machining. Whether you need complex parts for aerospace industries or intricate designs for automotive applications, our state-of-the-art CNC machines ensure unparalleled accuracy and repeatability. With computer-controlled systems guiding every aspect of the machining process, we guarantee exceptional dimensional accuracy and outstanding surface finishes.

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4-Axis CNC Machining:
Taking Your Projects to New Heights

At Jack West CNC Inc., we specialize in 4-axis CNC machining, allowing us to take your projects to new heights. With the ability to rotate the workpiece, our 4-axis machines unleash a whole new level of creativity and complexity. This additional axis enables us to produce intricate shapes and contours that were once deemed impossible. From complex prototypes to detailed models, our 4-axis CNC machining capabilities ensure exceptional precision and intricate designs, even for the most challenging applications.

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5-Axis CNC Machining:
Pushing the Boundaries of What’s Possible

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in CNC machining, 5-axis is the pinnacle of innovation. Our cutting-edge 5-axis CNC machines offer unparalleled flexibility by enabling simultaneous movement on five different axes. This freedom of movement allows us to produce highly complex, multi-sided parts with unmatched precision. With 5-axis machining, we can tackle any project challenge, bringing your most ambitious designs to life.

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Unmatched Quality, Personalized Service, and On-Time Delivery

At Jack West CNC Inc., quality is never compromised. We strive to exceed industry standards by adhering to meticulous quality control procedures throughout the manufacturing process. Our highly skilled team of experts meticulously inspects every part to ensure it meets your exact specifications, ensuring the utmost precision and accuracy.

Our personalized service is also what sets us apart from the competition. We work closely with each client, ensuring that we fully understand their unique requirements and specific needs. From the initial consultation to the final delivery, we maintain clear and constant communication, ensuring that your project is executed flawlessly from start to finish.

About Us Small

We also understand the importance
of timely delivery.

We know that every project has its own timeline, and that’s why we are committed to delivering your machined parts on time, every time. Our efficient workflow and streamlined processes guarantee that your project will be completed within the agreed-upon timeframe, allowing you to meet your production deadlines without any hassle.

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When it comes to CNC machining in Chula Vista and San Diego County,
Jack West CNC Inc. is the name you can trust.

Our commitment to excellence, unmatched precision, and personalized service have made us the preferred choice for countless clients in a wide range of industries. Whether you need 4-axis machining or 5-axis machining, we have the capabilities and expertise to deliver exceptional results.

So contact us today to discuss your CNC machining needs and experience the Jack West CNC Inc. difference. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you in turning your vision into reality. Choose us as your trusted CNC machining partner and let us help you bring your projects to life with unmatched precision and unrivaled quality.

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